Our Service

      —Very competitive price for same quality products in the market.

  • We keep very competitive price for all of our graduation caps gowns, stoles and sashes, choir robes, diploma covers and so on.
  • We always provide big deals to meet different customers’ needs.
  • If you need any special needs such as donation to the schools, churches or third parties, we are happy to help.


       Very simple process to meet any graduation customized orders

  • For logos: we can do both embroidery and printing or if you have any special needs, let us know.
  • We have more than 14 colors in stock to meet most of schools’ requests, we also match your own colors for caps gowns and graduation accessories.
  • Very easy simple process, we provide customized product page for you to pick or you can just email us the details of your customization needs.   


        —Very good customer service

  • Normally our email response time is 24 hours but mostly we response within two hours in working time.
  • For any order questions, you can easily find us via contact us page by both phone and email.
  • We do special service for urgent orders without extra fee.